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over 160,000 copies sold


In the Jubilee Year of 2000, Ignatius Press teamed up with best-selling Catholic author Steve Ray to create The Footprints of God documentary series—the first of its kind 10-part saga of Salvation History from a Catholic perspective.  


These family oriented movies are fast-paced, entertaining, and educational. The elements of a biography, travel documentary, Bible study and apologetics course are all rolled into a remarkable adventure! With the help of many generous donations we just completed the eighth film in the series – ABRAHAM: Father of Faith and Works.

There’s a great need for solid Catholic materials for education, formation and family fun. Thousands of testimonies confirm that Catholics and non-Catholics benefit from Steve’s simple, faithful, profound, and yes, even humorous teaching style. These movies grip old and young alike.  They are used in colleges, elementary schools, seminaries, prisons, parishes, in RCIA and CCD programs. But, they are watched most frequently by families in their living rooms. Since the project began 
​over 160,000 copies have sold.


Each film has a companion study guide. These guides are comprehensive resources for each topic — each tied to the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They carefully follow the script and are divided into four easy lessons.

they love going with you on an adventure. We use them as part of our curriculum for home schooling. It is so exciting to see our 6-, 5-, 3-, and 1- year -old jump up and down when we say we are going to watch one. Thank you for your wonderful work. ~ Katie S.