Thank you for helping us complete the film
Abraham: Father of Faith and Works.

We are in the final stretch and need your help to complete the last 2 Documentaries! See our progress!

played a part in my entering into seminary!

Filming the Story of Salvation on Location

I have watched many of your films, and listened to many of your talks. These have aided me in falling in love with Holy Mother Church, and have also 

I am a seminarian for the Diocese of San Angelo in Texas entering into my second year of priestly formation at Conception Seminary College in Missouri, and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to acquire a deeper understanding of the Church and our Lord. ~Kevin L.



Now, we need your help again in order to complete the last two films in the series:

ELIJAH & ELISHA: Conscience of the Kingdom 
DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH: Defining the Faith 

Production on ELIJAH & ELISHA, our ninth film began in June of 2017, DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH is tentatively scheduled for 2019. Each film costs $250,000 to produce, so please help us bring these last two productions filled with amazing true stories to life.